Friday, February 24, 2012


okay, maybe only one of our new additions is an actual baby, but they are both new to our farm and all my goats are my babies....

This is Rachel (from Country Winds Dairy Farm in Zeeland, Michigan)  She is almost 2yrs old (will turn 2 in April) She is what is called a FF or First Freshener (first time momma, first time having milk in her udders) She was basically given to us due to her lopsided udders.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to have fresh milk NOW, instead of waiting until April for May Haley and Glady to kid.  Plus she will provide milk for this little lady....

Meet the ever loving, and oh so stunning.....Fiona (also from Country Winds Dairy Farm)

You know you love her too!! She is about 3 weeks old...she is like having a puppy...sooo cute and cuddly and fun.  We love her to pieces.

Country Winds Dairy Farm has loads more babies looking for homes. They currently have French Alpines, American Alpines and Purebred Nubians.  And they have some insanely gorgeous spotting too!!!

Here is a picture of Isabella loving on some of the babies at Country Winds

you know you want one.

You can contact Country Winds here :

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