Saturday, February 18, 2012

Everyone Poops

Have you ever read that book?  "Everyone Poops"  Its quite entertaining, especially for kids....
But it seems someone, somewhere is always having an issue with poop...(sorry to gross you out) 

Today I am talking about my goats, once again, Haley is having an issue...and I know this by her poop.  You see, goats are pretty easy to read (in most instances) and when their poops don't look like little chocolate covered nuts, then there is an issue.  

What do you do when you have tummy issues = poop issues?  Do you reach for the pepto, or Milk of Magnesia or Tums?  we don't

I go out into the kitchen and take some spices out of my cabinet; Cinnamon, Cloves, Cayenne, then I gather a few herbs from my medicinal cabinet; Slippery Elm Bark, Yarrow.   

Some of you may not realize that things like Cinnamon are good for things other than in your apple pie or on your toast, or that Cayenne is good for anything other than some awesome chili or Mexican foods.  Well, today you may learn something.  

Cinnamon: aids in digestion; it has strong antibacterial properties, especially for cold and flu; it has an energizing effect on your mood; it is anti-fungal; it can relieve pain and improve circulation.  

Cayenne: increases blood flow, warms you up, helps with arthritis stiffness, sore muscles, is soothes nerve pain, joint pain.  They clear congestion and reduce inflammation in your sinuses when you are sick. They lesson gas and bloating, and aid in digestion and boost your metabolism.  

Clove: heals muscle pain, abdominal pain, arthritis. It is antibacterial, healing abscesses, colds, viruses, ear pain, dental pain, it is antiseptic and analgesic.  It improves digestion, relieves indigestion and nausea. 

Slippery Elm Bark:  heals wounds, burns, ulcers, reduces inflammation and is a pain reliever. It treats diarrhea, and heals mucus membranes.  

Yarrow:  Encourages clotting, disinfects cuts, if taken as a tea it can slow menstrual bleeding. It helps to cool fevers and expel toxins.  It is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. 

Now, healing naturally is not for every body, and I don't mean to say that you are doing things wrong if you don't do things my purpose for sharing is to help you learn alternatives to using chemicals.  I learned this combination from an awesome group of friends who turn to for their herbal mixes.  I highly recommend this site, and also  for buying your herbs, oils and medicines.  They are great people, always willing to help you out and help you learn to heal.  Another great site:

You can count on many more posts about the awesome herbs and supplements we keep in our cabinet, and maybe even a few more posts about poop 

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